Energy management consulting and analysis for commercial offices, buildings, and data centers

Use Energy to Create Value

Cortex Energy Management provides energy management and consulting services. We help clients assess their energy usage, make energy-related decisions, and monitor energy activities. We specialize in energy management for commercial offices, buildings, and data centers.

Using energy efficiently is about more than simply reducing consumption and saving money. Energy efficiency can provide many non-energy benefits such as higher operational productivity and more employee comfort.

Unlike many energy service companies, we help companies use energy to support and improve all aspects of their operations, including adding value and generating revenue.

A commercial organization profits and grows when it takes an input, such as labor, capital and materials, and adds value to them. Their customers pay for the added value in the products and services (outputs) they buy at prices that generate long-term profits for the producer.

Energy is an input that supports the value-add process by keeping employees comfortable and powering equipment. But if the energy is not used efficiently, the extra expense will reduce profits. Our objective for client energy management is to increase the efficiency of energy usage in financial terms by increasing the work output (value-add) or decreasing the energy input (energy expense).

More efficient use of equipment increases process productivity. More comfortable and happier occupants increases employee productivity and creativity. The result is higher profit for the client.

Our approach to energy management is based on sound engineering principles, our industry experience, and our proven service methodology.

Green Button Data

Energy Apps for Ontario Challenge

The Energy Apps for Ontario Challenge is a contest for the best software application that uses Green Button-enabled electricity data from smart meters to help Ontario households and businesses better understand and manage their electricity use -- and save money.

Cortex Energy Management submitted an app for the contest. The submissions gallery of apps is open for public viewing. Our Web app is called Energy Insights. Please go to the Energy Insights submissions page and test our app!

> For more information about how Green Button data and Energy Insights can help your business reduce energy consumption and save money, please contact us.

Energy Management

Energy Management

Energy costs are rising. Energy usage and costs can be controlled. Successful companies use energy as an investment to create value for their organization. Energy management services help organizations save money.

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Our Energy Management Services

Our Energy Management Services

Cortex Energy Management helps companies with energy assessment, planning, analysis, efficiency, financing, procurement, measurement, monitoring, and reporting.

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Our Approach to Energy Management

Our Approach to Energy Management

Managing energy is a continuous process of improvement that looks at the whole facility and all factors that affect energy usage and costs. We help our clients increase energy performance and maximize value in the long term.

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About Cortex Energy Management

About Cortex Energy Management

With years of industry experience, our engineers, energy managers and business consultants are dedicated to providing comprehensive and professional energy management services for commercial organizations.

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Manage your energy to:

• Save money

• Earn high ROI

• Lower total life-cycle costs

• Reduce resource consumption

• Reduce secondary losses

• Increase comfort of staff, occupants

• Increase productivity and innovation

• Increase system reliability

• Reduce equipment maintenance

Our energy management services:

Energy Audit and Assessment

Energy Program Planning, Analysis and Design

Energy Efficiency and Optimization

Energy Efficiency Financing

Energy Procurement

Energy Measurement and Verification

Energy Monitoring, Targeting and Reporting

Energy Standards and Regulations

Preliminary Energy Assessment

A pre-audit fact-finding report to understand how energy is being used and wasted, identify any major problems, and determine the level of energy audit required. More information

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